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Impressive Features

All websites developed by Compuzoft include:

It includes all search engines.

It includes over ten business directories and optimized search engines for optimal searches.

Configuration of the hosting account to meet your needs.

First month free hosting and first year of free domain registration if necessary having a lifetime warranty against defects or errors .

Application content.

Training if your site is built on a Content Management System (CMS).

Community Manager Manages and Administers Your Online Community

The aim is to attract new customers, and retain those who already are, by having an attentive and courteous person ready to answer all your customer’s questions in each social network – That’s your community manager.

Additionally, having good management of the social networks helps improve the positioning of your website or online store(e-Commerce) with all the search engines. Read more

Our services

Our services are provided to companies of all sizes who are looking to expand their customer base through the use of technology in order to increase productivity, employee performance, streamline processes and to be leaders in their market in addition to improving their company workflow and increasing their financial gains.


It is the system that allows organizations to host their web pages within a server to be consulted from the browsers.

Web Page Design

Combining strategy, creativity and design, we will create your website so that it has the greatest impact when it comes time to present your business.

Community Manager

We handle the process of management and maintenance in all the major social networks keeping them constantly updated.

Mobile apps

Mobile applications are the perfect complement to a well-designed mobile marketing campaign.

Desktop Applications

Desktop applications are characterized by their capability in handling nearly all business operations. Security prevails in this mode.

Web Applications

They are popular because of their practical uses with Web browsers as thin clients regardless of the operating system. They facilitate upgrades and software installs.


Welcome to our family


It is an organization with innovative ideas and cutting edge technology in digital presentation cards.

Global Red

Is a leader in the prevention and fight against insurance fraud.

Club Deportivo Shark

We are a non-profit, corporation with a social sense of providing to the community a sporting and recreation service. We are located in the city of Santa Marta.


An application to display your information and promote it in an innovative way.

Publicar Es Gratis

Website for the marketing any product without paying anything.

About us

Introductory Video


Compuzoft is a company that specializes in providing the following services: Development of websites, development of applications for personal computers and mobile devices, and in managing social networks. It is an organization formed by a group of technologists and professionals specialized in different areas of service who are able to provide solutions of the highest quality.

Our services are provided to companies of all sizes, from the small entrepreneur to the large corporation that wants to expand its business with the use of technology in order to increase productivity and

  • Obtain better employee performance
  • Optimize processes
  • Become market leaders.
  • Improve workflows and secure financial gains.

Our Process

We focus on six key tasks for the development and publication of the website.














Our main asset is the customer, who chooses us every time so that we may strengthen and promote his or her image through new channels of communication; betting on our high quality of applied requirements to all of our products and our commitment to providing a satisfied user experience.

George Briceno Freiler

Director and founder of Compuzoft Application and Database Designer

Nadya Briceno

Management Assistant

Anthony Rivera

Developer of mobile and desktop applications

Edgar Niebles

Software Developer

* * *

Javier Rodríguez

Community Manager & web designer

Our Average Workload per Week


Our history

In the month of October we created a great accounting program for a furniture store.

We put together a web page for a real estate company.

In the month of September, two new projects were started and they will be delivered next month.

We completed 2 large projects, one is a web page and the other is a mobile app.

We published a responsive web site, and filled it full of information, thereby meeting the customers’ objectives.

We launched www.compuproyecta.com.

We began negotiations with the company Proyecta forming with them an alliance in which we will launch a great APP to the market.

The application will be a mobile app and it will be made available through the Google Play Store.

In June, we began the development of a massive project with the insurance fraud investigation company Global Red.


It is a business that is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and it is the most economical method to do business, create customer loyalty, and it offers new ways of making sales.
It provides you with immediate actual data on user visits, interactions, and data gathering within your website allowing you expand your client database and to make quick strategic changes as necessary.
It offers you new clients, a modern and professional looking image, the opportunity of having a virtual store, allows you to have your store open 24/7, it provides you with the most cost efficient means of online marketing and publicity and it helps in directing your sales and services to your targeted audience.

Fun Facts

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Service packages

All websites developed by Compuzoft include: Web site in all search engines , search engine optimized for optimal search , setting the hosting account of your choice, first month free hosting , lifetime warranty against errors or defects , application content , training if your site is built on a content management system , the exclusive ownership of all the code and the web page when it is completed.

All the above services plus the edition you choose :


  • Fact Sheet static.
  • Blocl Contact.
  • Emails Unlimited.
  • Hard disk unlimited for photos and emails.
  • Positioning in Google.

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  • ★★★ PREMIUM
  • It includes Edition Deluxe
  • System of content management
  • 3 Pre - designs different.
  • Page Editor (Edit text, add images)
  • Form Dynamic contact.
  • Storage on Database.
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  • ★★★★ ELITE

  • It includesEdition Premium
  • Unlimited pages
  • Website responsive
  • Dynamic Contact Form
  • Storage in Database.

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Keep in touch

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Contact Info

Main Office Carrera 53 #68-180
Barranquilla - Atlantico, Col
Phone: (+57)(5) 3561649
Cell: (+57)(300) 3007050