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Wire-framing, Computer Architecture, Front & Back End Development, Web Applications, Design, Flash Animation, CMS, SEO and E-Commerce. All under one roof.


Android, IOS, Informative applications, Surveys, E-Commerce, Wire-framing, UI and UX development, Back End development, Database interface. Works done by Ninja Developers.


Outside of Chinese, Spanish and English are the most spoken languages ​​worldwide. Reach a larger market by promoting your products or services in those two languages. We are experts with these languages because we use native speakers.

What We Do Best

Where shall I start?

Web Page Designs
Compuzoft is dedicated to creating custom websites that reflect the services of your company and in facilitating interaction with your customers.
Desktop Applications
Compuzoft designs desktop applications for offices, warehouses, workshops, clinics, among many others.
Mobile Applications
One of Compuzoft’s specialties is in its development of mobile applications for Android and IOS. Our Engineers consider these developments a hobby.
Content Strategy

We are very good at performing discovery, ideation, implementation and maintenance of all types of digital content: links, labels, metadata, videos, everything!

Technological Architecture
We organize your website so that with ease your visitors will find the information they are looking and they will spend more time visiting your site.
Compuzoft knows how to open virtual stores such as furniture, appliances, clothing, and everything else. We also integrate portals for managing online payments.

Work with a Talented Team of Ninjas Developers

Our developers begin to get involved with the projects from the beginning. They become owners and take responsibility for their newly adopted projects. They feed them with code and educate them with images and videos. When the product has matured, developers know they have to let them go. A day of great pride for all ninja.

Fun Facts

Life is not all work.  You have to have a little fun and distraction too.


HP, Google, Microsoft and Apple have only one thing in common, they were all started in garages.

There are approximately 6000 new viruses released every month.

Did you know that 28% of IT professionals hide their careers from family and Friends to stop providing free technical support.

Apple II had a hard drive of only 5 megabytes when it was released.

Our Most Recent Projects

We have worked on a plethora of projects from education and entertainment to home care services. Check out some of our most recent works!

What We Do Best

This is what some of our customers say about us or our services.

I selected them for the price but they gave me double or triple the value in support and services. They had a lot of patience with all the changes. Thanks Compuzoft! José Quijano


I knew what I wanted but did not know where to start. The people at Compuzoft helped me every step of the way. The end result is  a first class product. Lydia Medina


I have no words to describe how happy I am with the services. I recommend the company to all those who plan to launch a new project. Julia Binder

Scheduling Coordinator

Our Process and Workflow.

Well-designed websites offer much more than aesthetics. They attract visitors and help people understand the product, the company and the brand through a variety of indicators, including visuals, texts and interactions. That means that every element of your site must work to achieve a defined goal.

Similarly, with the publication of thousands of mobile applications on Google Play and Apple App, we recognize that each application is different. Our methodologies evolve constantly with each application we develop. The process of developing mobile applications generally includes the same phases that we use in the development of web applications. But the purpose is equal for both, to achieve a defined goal for the user.
Research of similar products or services
Melding of the minds to plan out visual designs
Coding and content adding
Quality control testing with the customer and revisions

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