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Compuzoft is a company formed by passionate and experienced people who want to use their technology, engineering and marketing talent to create innovative and cutting-edge mobile and web solutions for our customers.

Come and Help Us Make the Web a Better Place

At Compuzoft, we are dedicated to making the web a better place. Of course, we also love being creative and having fun. In addition, our entire team has a passion for technology.

However, whether working on client projects, writing content or developing a WordPress plugin, our main goal is always focused on making the web a better place for our customers, consumers, Internet users, the WordPress Community and of course, ourselves.

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Sales - Independent

Do you like to work independently as a Freelancer? Do you like to interact with customers? Do you want to set your own hours and goals?

Join our team and we will help you reach your goals. We enjoy working with people who are independent, ambitious, and self-motivated and self-driven.

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Multimedia Designer

We are looking for a multimedia designer to help us put together some fantastic presentations for the marketing of our products and services. This person will have knowledge in working with Adobe Premiere, Audition, Illustrator and Sozi. You will work in the comfort of your own home and yet you will be able to meet deadlines.

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Life Inside Our Office

Most of our employees work comfortably from their homes, or the beach, or wherever they want to be. And for those who have to come to the office they are assured of a comfortable environment with free healthy drinks and snacks.

Let’s Work Together

You have ideas, talents and abilities and we can help you develop them by giving you the opportunity to let go of your creativity. Send your resume, or curriculum vitae, and mention the job role that interests you.

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